Finally, DreamSpark comes to India! Get All Major Microsoft Software for FREE!

The one thing students want during their life at college would be free software so that they can try, test and develop their skills. Making use of this Microsoft opened up a program called DreamSpark to enable students to get access FREE licensed versions of all major development tools.

Till sometime back India was not listed in the official DreamSpark website ( Recently India got it’s own website at 🙂

Now, all students can rejoice!

What all you get?

As part of this program, students in all the colleges/ universities across India stand to get FREE licensed versions of the following tools – yes, FREE – No Charge!

  1. Visual Studio 2005 Pro
  2. Visual Studio 2008 Pro
  3. SQL Server 2005 Standard
  4. Windows Server 2003 Standard
  5. Expression Studio 🙂
  6. XNA Games Studio & XNA Creators Club Online

It works this way…:

  1. Students show their college/ university Id card and get verified
  2. Walk away with DVD collection of all the cool tools
    Yes It’s that simple! 😛

So, If you are a student, simple go to to find out nearest dealers where you can get things done.

Doing it online (in India):

There is also online mode of obtaining software via, but requires ISIC (International Student Identity Card) 😦

Don’t miss to watch Bill Gates’ Speech on 5th November at 2.00 pm (IST) 🙂

I noticed the parent site also lists SQL Server 2008, WIndows Server 2008, Expression studio 2 whereas these are absent in That means, you’ll have to only download these software by directly going to and verifying your student status as mentioned above.

Why not include Windows Vista (say Home Premium) in India when Windows Server is included already? – this will provide a huge boost to the Vista’s image among students once they get their hands on it. I’m guessing this will most probably be packages that were made available in rest of world previously. hmm.

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